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Sydney Music Production

Established in 2010, RW Productions is owned and operated by music producer Roger Wehbe with the sole purpose of providing accessible, affordable and professional music production without compromising on quality. Every artist deserves to have their music showcased in the best possible way without breaking the bank and by partnering with some of Sydney's best recording studios, Roger and the RW Productions team provide an affordable solution to artists looking for that "million dollar sound".


A small showcase of some of the work produced by RW Productions

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Drummer, Vocalist and Guitarist in a Sydney Studio practicing for a recording.

Rock On: Song & Band Recommendations 

November 15, 2020  

Whether you’re jogging at the park or simply vacuuming the carpet—well, whatever it may be that you’re doing, for that matter—odds are you’re probably one of those people who’ve gotten used to listening to music while accomplishing daily tasks. If so, that’s good! And if you’re into bands, even better! In this blog post, we’ll be giving out song and band recommendations of some classics that you may (or may not know)! Make sure to give them a listen and let us know what you think about them. Without further ado, let’s go!

The Art of Music Creation

Music production is a balancing act of creativity and technicality that requires patience and co-operation between all involved in the process. It is not always about the best recording gear nor how fluently you can play your instruments, but instead, the environment in which you work out of plays a vital role in the productivity of your recording session and this also correlates with the team you have to help you craft your musical masterpiece. A team that nurtures your passion is what RW Productions strives to achieve every time you enter the recording studio.

Remaining focused and distraction free is the ultimate way to create maximum productivity in the studio and much like life, a trusted support network will help you reach those goals and get the best out of your performance. your support network includes:

  • Your band members
  • Your record producer
  • Your sound engineer
  • Your friends and family

And most importantly...

Your fans!

Having played in bands and creating music for over 15 years, Roger understands the drive and determination you need just to keep going and not get disheartened. Our recording sessions are built with this in mind. Everybody works at a different pace and we aim to bring out the best and work to a pace you are comfortable with. We've developed long-lasting relationships with the premier recording studios in Sydney that benefit our clients by providing them with world-class facilities at affordable rates. Get in touch with us today and book a session to get your music heard the way that it should be.

Drummer, Vocalist and Guitarist in a Sydney Studio practicing for a recording.
Drummer preparing to record his drum parts for an album in Belmore, Sydney


recording microphone setup in front of a pop filter with a blurred background

Ready to take your music to the masses?​

Working out of some of the best recording studios in Sydney, we'll get the creative juices flowing in a way that unleashes the full potential of your music at a pace that is conducive to you.​

Terrible jokes and banter are included but you can choose to opt out of this if your eyes begin to roll to far to the back of your head.

Audio Engineer - Mixing on a mixing desk at a studio

Make the most of your music with layered, complex, and balanced mixing.​

I understand your music is unique and you've spent hours making sure each note is true to its meaning. I'll technically and creatively craft the mix to bring your music and its meaning to life. 

I also livestream the process (if you choose) so you can get a behind the scenes look and laugh at me with your friends.

closeup of an audio waveform that is to be edited

Studio Editing

Do you enjoy editing? I didn't think so... 

Let me relieve you from this anguish that hath forsaken thee! (too dramatic?)​

Time-alignment, tuning, sound replacement or just an extra pair of ears to help you create your musical masterpiece during the songwriting phase, hand me your tracks and I'll get them sounding tight and ready to be mixed.

Sound Technicians Live mixing a band on stage

Live Sound Mixing

Got a big show coming up? Why take a gamble on the sound?

Rock the stage with a team by your side who know every note and every move you make. Having a personal and dedicated live engineer takes the stress out of the show.

Understanding your songs, tones, playing style plays a big factor in determining how you are perceived on stage, especially when it comes to your sound. Trust us to be your live sound engineer and partners in music.

RW Productions is Sydney's premier music production company, with a focus on recording and mixing. We are located in Sydney and have been producing top quality recordings for more than ten years. Our team of engineers has the experience required to produce professional sounding recordings from start to finish. With our expertise in sound engineering, you can be assured that your project will come out sounding great!

Sydney is a great place for recording projects, with its beautiful surroundings and diverse range of soundscapes. We have some fantastic Sydney-based studios available to record in, so you can be sure that your music will sound as good as it does on the inside! Whether you're looking for live recordings or studio productions we'll make sure that the finished product is in line with your vision and has that natural, professional sound you're after.

We are Sydney's premier music production studio for high-quality recordings!

Our team of expert producers, engineers and mixers have been crafting top-quality productions at a competitive price since 2010. We produce all genres from hip hop to country, rock pop and more - just let us know what suits your style best. You'll love how our intuitive mixing services take your work to the next level: we can give it extra polish or create something totally new without compromising on quality. We work out of fully equipped studios to make sure there's no limit to what we can help you achieve – whether that means recording vocals in one room while drums stomp away out back or engineering a live performance in front of an audience.

Check out what some of our clients say

“Roger is dynamic and broad in his mindset around production. always taking the necessary steps to serve the song. Not his ego, nor my own!”

Christopher Osborn

Sri Mahatma MC/Resonance

Check out what some of our clients say

“Cannot recommend RW Productions higher than we already do”

Shane Augustus

Vendetta of the Fallen

Check out what some of our clients say

“Cant begin to describe how happy we are with the outcome and will definitely record with RW Productions again in the not so distant future”

Steve Yildirim