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How can we help?*
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You’ve spent the past few months writing, changing, stressing over your new music and you’re now ready to share it with the world.

Problem is…

Where do you go to get it recorded?

Choosing a recording studio to work out of is not a task that should be taken lightly, there are a few things you need to consider before taking the leap.

What are the costs involved?

Most studios charge a daily rate, however, these don’t always include an engineer, so you need to ensure that you understand what is included with the studio hire.

The rates by RW Productions are all inclusive of studio hire, engineer and production costs, allowing you to properly allocate a budget for your recording so you don’t have to worry about getting hit with any hidden extra costs.

What genre do they specialise in?

When you are booking a music studio space to record your songs, it is important to look up the discography of the studio, in particular, the recording engineer or producer that will be working with you to get your music sounding the way it should. Different genres require different techniques, so it is important that you find a studio and engineer that match what you are looking for.

Roger has been working with alternative styles for 15 years, specialising in the rock and heavy scenes, but has also branched out into the pop world understanding what it takes to create a catchy and successful hit.

Patch Input Bay used in a Music Studio to route audio
Overhead shot of a studio vocal recording microphone

How many days will we need in the studio?

This is heavily dependent on how prepared you and your fellow musicians are as well as how many tracks you are intending on recording and the length of each of the tracks, with the average time roughly around 1.5 days per track (based on an 8 hour recording day). Before thinking about heading into the studio to record, you need to ensure that you know your parts well, because to put it frankly, time is money in the studio so use it wisely.